Mark-it is a project that part of the intent to use the potential of smartphone apps with daily living needs. This project is aimed at a target audience that frequents the markets with a constancy for both hobby and business. Our target is a lover of the markets in Milan and they find unique objects. Mark-it, but it is also ready to expand to other cities and countries because it is a flexible project to the needs of different users with many cataloging of possible markets.
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DominOS is a system developed to help patients affected by ossessive compulsive disorder of personality and improve their lives. It is composed by a device (owned by the patient) and a website (divided for both terapists and patients) in which they can communicate. The device is designed for this specific disorder and can help patients to manage the stress that everyday life provoke them using the mindfullness techinque. It also communicate constantly with the terapist and keep track of the heartbeats and pain perceived.
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