Myth territory design / an exhibition design project for Scala dei Turchi

Thesis developed for the Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design at School of Design, University of Palermo. Project selected by UNESCO commission to make Scala dei Turchi a UNESCO world heritage site. The project is a floating with a playful form of nautilus, composed by two levels, and  placed a few meters from the coast. Nautilus is a symbiosis of myth and nature. Myth, because the interior structure remembers the legendary labyrinth of Knossos. Nature, because the shell is the protagonist of the ancient relationship between man and sea, water and earth, outside and inside. A memorial museum, a container of images, sounds and words that guide the visitor to a “trip” in the past, present and future. Finally, at the end of the exhibition, visitors will be immersed in an interactive experience, a game of roles and identity. The trip reflects the condition of many countries of the Mediterranean sea, of Sicily. A bridge between peoples and cultures.
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