Expo 2015 | SocialMedia Workshop & ExpoinViaggio

I worked in the Social Media Expo2015 office as a Visual Designer, within a team of 13 people. I took care of graphic elements that have been published on the Expo2015 website and on the main social media (twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest).
As a Visual & Web Designer I have been managing the projects:
–  Workshop Expogate, monthly appointments with the public to share the storytelling of Expo2015 on the differents social networks, but not only, also opportunity to get close the Social Media Team with the followers and the users.
– ExpoinViaggio, expo meetings around Italy and in other countries.
As a Project Manager I was responsible for the Participant Communication Network, a network of the social media managers of the Participant Countries.  I also realized a handbook about Social Media (in particular Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) created to support the Participants Countries. Special guide lines explain how to develop the communication of each country on Social Media.
As a Visual Designer I took care of the downloadable documents about Social Media Strategy.